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The benefits of association with a Shaikh-ul-Kamil

The benefits of association with a Shaikh-e-Kamil are many. Among such benefits are:

1. The noble and lofty qualities of the Shaikh slowly develop in the mureed.

2. Even if one is not totally reformed, one will have gained the ability to discern and recognize one’s faults.

3. The mureed follows the Shaikh in character and habit.

4. Attainment of joy and pleasure in zikr and ibadaat.

5. Enhancement of courage.

6. One obtains clarification and contentment from the Shaikh in the event of a spiritual condition overcoming the mureed.

7. The mureed will recognize his own spiritual condition which becomes manifest in the talks of the Shaikh, such talks being the essence of the masaa`il (rules).

8. Increase in the desire to practice virtue.

9. The mureed’s abilities becomes manifest to him.

10. Love for Allah Ta’ala increases.

11. Quick attainment of cure for spiritual ailments.

12. Obtaining the dua of the Shaikh.

13. Elimination of doubt and uncertainty as a result of the Noor emanating from the heart of the Shaikh. This Noor has its effect on the mureed. Spiritual darkness is dispelled by this Noor. The reality of all things thus becomes manifest. There are degrees regarding the efficacy of this Noor depending on the degree of fertility of the disposition of the mureed. One of high and noble disposition can attain the full beneficial effect of this Noor by merely looking at such Shaikhs of perfection. In such cases the mureed attains spiritual progress and ranks without even physical association with the Shaikh.