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We kindly request you for the sake of Allah & Rasool sallallahu alaihiwasallam.

We observed that our Islamic brothers and sisters share or like the pages or the articles from various websites, Facebook users and pages. Actually they do it with the good intention of sharing good messages to all. But unfortunately they don't consider that the article was posted by the site or page belongs to Ahlus Sunnah or Wahabis.

Wahabis spread their misguided beliefs through this kind of works. First they will start to publish articles and posts in general topics. e.g – They will post an article about “the wonder of Fly”. When you read, you really liked it. So you will share with your friends also. Then these Wahabis will publish the next post about the Prayers. You will do the same. Now they will publish a post mentioning that “The Prophet sallallahu alaihiwasallam is an ordinary man like us, no differences exist between us.” This is contradictory for the aqeeda of Ahlus Sunnah. So you will not like or share it. But your friends those who become the friends or fans of this wahabi pages through the last two SHARE of you, will read it and share it. Finally if anyone was misguided by this article, don’t forget, you have the “Share of Sin”. Pls remember, the wahabis are very foxiness in this kind of work.

So, do not SHARE or LIKE any articles without confirming that the page is belonging to pure Ahlus Sunnat Wal Jamaath Aqeeda.

May Allah Almighty protect our Muslims ummah from all the misguided groups!