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​​​Belief in the angels is the part of faith of Islam. The Arabic word for angel is malaak. Angels were created from light.

Sayyida Aa’ishah (May Allah be pleased with her) reported:

"The Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: ‘The angels are created from light, just as the jinn are created from smokeless fire and mankind is created from what you have been told about.’" (Book: Sahih Al-Muslim)

Angels do not possess free will, and worship God in total obedience. Angels' duties include communicating revelations from Allah Almighty, glorifying Allah Almighty, recording every person's actions and taking a person's soul at the time of death. They are also thought to intercede on man's behalf.

The most important names of angels and their duties are listed below:

​1. Sayyiduna Jibril (Gabriel) (Peace be upon him)

Duty : Conveying revelation to the Prophets from Allah Almighty


2. Sayyiduna Mikkail (Michael) (Peace be upon him)

Duty :Responsible for nature and delivering food 


3. Sayyiduna Israfil (Raphael) (Peace be upon him)

Duty :​Responsible for blowing the trumpet on the Day of Judgement

4. Sayyiduna Israel (Samael) (Peace be upon him)

Duty : Responsible for death​ (taking a life)

5. Sayyiduna Ridwan (Peace be upon him)

Duty :Responsible for maintaining Paradise (Jannah)

​6. Sayyiduna Maalik (Peace be upon him)

Duty : Responsible for Hellfire (Jahannam)

​7. Sayyiduna Munkar (Peace be upon him)

​8. Sayyiduna Nakir (Peace be upon him)

Duty : ​Responsible for testing the faith of the dead in their graves. These angels will ask the soul of the dead person questions. If the person fails the questions, the angels make the man suffer until the Day of Judgement. If the soul passes the questions, he will have a pleasant time in the grave until the Day of Judgement.

​9. Sayyiduna Raqib (Peace be upon him)

10. ​Sayyiduna Atid (Peace be upon him)

Duty : Responsible for recording a person's good and bad deeds​​