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DESTINY (al-qada wa'l-qadar)

Predestination is the sixth article of belief in Islam. In accordance with the Islamic belief in predestination, or divine preordainment (al-qadā wa'l-qadar), Allah has full knowledge and control over all that occurs. Nothing will happen without Allah's willing.

​This is explained in Qur'anic verses such as :

(O Beloved!) Say: ‘Never shall (anything) befall us but what Allah has decreed for us; He alone is our Protector. And in Allah alone the believers should put their trust.’

Chapter : 9, Verse : 51

Muslims should believe that everything in the world that occurs, good or evil, has been preordained and nothing can happen unless permitted by Allah Almighty. Although events are pre-ordained, man possesses free will in that he has the faculty to choose between right and wrong, and is thus responsible for his actions.

According to the Islamic belief, all that has been decreed by Allah Almighty has been written in al-Lawh al-Mahfūz, the "Preserved Tablet".