Knowledge & Wisdom

The Human & The Palaces

One day Hazrat Eisa Nabi Alaihissalam was going on the mountain, he saw a person who was praying in summer.

Once completed his prayers, Hazrat Eisa Nabi Alaihissalam went to him and asked, “Why don’t you build a house for you to protect from rain and summer?”

“Oh messenger of ALLAH, lot of Prophets have told me before that I will not live more than seven hundred years. If I will live such a short period, why should I spend my life time on building a house?” the man replied.

Then Hazrat Eisa Nabi Alaihissalam said: "Shall I tell a wonder more than this?"

The man asked: "What is that?"

Hazrat Eisa Nabi Alaihissalam added: "The people who will live near to the end time, will not live at least one hundred years but they will spend their life to build the houses and palaces as going to live for thousand years."

The man said to Hazrat Eisa Nabi Alaihissalam, "if I will be living at that time, I will spend all my life in one Sajda (The Prostration)"