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World Muslim Population (2010 Estimation)

Total world population – Approx. 6.9 billion

Total Muslim population – Approx. 1.6 billion 

​​​​​​​It differs as per each organization's census estimation.

​​A​s per the reports of Pew Research Center,

​the world Muslim population for 2010 was

​Approx. 1.6 billion, 23% of world total population.

​​As per the report of Houssain Kettani,

​Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, San Juan,

​Puerto Rico, USA, the world Muslim population for 2010 was

​Approx. 1.65 billion, 24% of world total population.

* Out of total Muslims,

Sunni Muslims – 87% to 90%

Shia Muslims – 10% to 13%

* Muslim live in all five continents of world.

* Out of total world Muslim population, approx. 62% of Muslims live in Asian continent.

* Out of total world Muslim population, approx. 20% of Muslims live in Middle East and North Africa.

* ​Out of total world Muslim population, approx. 16% of Muslims live in Sub-Saharan Africa.​

* Out of total world Muslim population, more than 66% of Muslims live in 10 countries.

Those are: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, and Morocco.

* Approx. 27% of Muslims live in the countries where Islam is the Minority.

* These minority populations are often quite large.

For example, India, a Hindu-majority country, is the one of the largest Muslim population in the world.

The Muslim population of Ethiopia is about as large as that of Afghanistan. China has more Muslims than Syria; Russia is home to more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined; and Germany has more Muslims than Lebanon.

* Indonesia is the country with the world’s largest Muslim population (209 million); about 13% of all Muslims in the world live in Indonesia.

* Most Shias (between 68% and 80%) live in just four countries: Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq.

* Out of the 232 countries and territories, 49 are Muslim-majority countries.

* The first ten countries with largest Muslim population.

Country                                                              Number of Muslims

Indonesia                                                                209 million

India                                                                        176 million

​Pakistan                                                                  167 million

Bangladesh                                                             134 million

Nigeria                                                                      77 million

​Egypt                                                                         77 million

Iran                                                                           74 million

Turkey                                                                       71 million

Algeria                                                                      35 million

Morocco                                                                    32 million

Data Source : ​PEW RESEARCH CENTER, (The Global Religious Landscape - A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s

Major Religious Groups as of 2010​​)

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