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The Best Husband

He is the best husband who?

1.   treats his wife with kindness.

2.    is very prompt in appreciating the rights of his wife.

3.    is attached to his wife in a manner that he never looks at strange women.

4.     shares his luxuries and comforts with his wife.

5.     is not cruel and atrocious to his wife.

6.      keeps patience over her wife's misbehaviour and ill- treatment.

7.      accepts his wife’s merits and discards or neglects her demerits.

8.      looks after his wife in her sickness and grief.

9.      keeps his wife in Pardah and thus, safeguards her chastity.

10.    teaches his wife the salient features of religion and guides her to follow good faith.

11.    provides for the legitimate needs of his wife and children by earning a Halaal livelihood.

12.    treats the relatives and friends of his wife in kindness.

13.    saves his wife from defamation and disrespect.

14.    does not prove to be a miser in meeting the expenses of his wife.

15.    control his wife in such a way that she never turns to any evil.

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