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The Greatness of Insha Allah

One day, Hazrat Dawud Nabi’s wife told him, “today give all the money which you will receive from the sale of Armor”

“Ok I will give” Hazrat Dawud Nabi Alahissalam replied and took them to the bazaar.

But none came to buy them on that day. He returned back to home. When the wife saw him, returning back without sell anything, she was disappointed.

“Don’t’ worry. If not today, may be sold tomorrow” Hazrat Dawud Nabi Alaihissalam said.

Next day, no changes. Nothing sold. This was continued for few days.

Hazrat Dawud Nabi Alaihissalam was disappointed and wondered. "How can it be happened?"

He asked from ALLAH Almighty, “Oh ALLAH, please tell me what is the mistake I did?”

ALLAH Almighty replied: “Oh Dawud, you overestimated your talents and forgot to tell ‘INSHA ALLAH’. That is why you could not sell any of them.”

Once Hazrat Dawud Nabi Alaihissalam realised his mistake, he apologized and repented from ALLAH. ALLAH Almighty forgave him and gave prosperity in his business.