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The worth of Muslims

One day, one of the Greatest Saints in Islam went to the famous pond of Ajmair (India), Ana Sagar, to take bath. On seeing this, the Brahamins started shouting that Muslims are making our pond impure. Therefore those pious people went back & narrated the whole incident to that Islamic Saint.

That saint gave a chaagul (a container made out of clay, used for storing water) to servant and ordered him to fill it up from the pond. The servant went and as soon as he put the Chaagul in the pond, the entire pond came in the Chaagul.

After seeing this, Brahmins understood the excellence of that Saint and Islam. They apologized and requested him to give the pond back.

That blessed Saint felt mercy for them and ordered the servant to go and pour the water from the Chaagul back in the pond. The servant obeyed the order.

Once again Ana Sagar became water!!!

Do you know who is that Great Saint?

He is the Grand Mentor of the Chistia Tareeqa

Uncrowned King of India

Hazrath Seyyaduna

Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz

RadhiAllahu Anhu