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Introduction to Islam

♦ What is Islam?

♦ Who is a Muslim?

♦ Is Islam a New Religion?

Basis of Islam

♦ Five Pillars of Islam

♦ Six Articles of Faith

Shariah Aqeedah Tasawwuf

♦ What is Shariah?

♦ What is Aqeedah?

♦ What is Tasawwuf?

♦ Example for Shariah - Aqeedah - Tasawwuf

Sources of Shariah

♦ What is Al Quran?

♦ What is Al Hadith?

♦ What is Ijma?

♦ What is Qiyas?

Schools in Islam

♦ Schools of Jurisprudence

♦ Schools of Theology

♦ Schools of Spirituality

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