The Path to Paradise

English - Learn about Islam

Introduction to Islam

♦ What is Islam?

♦ Who is a Muslim?

♦ Is Islam a New Religion?

Basis of Islam

♦ Five Pillars of Islam

♦ Six Articles of Faith

Shariah Aqeedah Tasawwuf

♦ What is Shariah?

♦ What is Aqeedah?

♦ What is Tasawwuf?

♦ Example for Shariah - Aqeedah - Tasawwuf

Sources of Shariah

♦ What is Al Quran?

♦ What is Al Hadith?

♦ What is Ijma?

♦ What is Qiyas?

Schools in Islam

♦ Schools of Jurisprudence

♦ Schools of Theology

♦ Schools of Spirituality

Ahlan wa Sahlan

Assalamu Alaikum dear brothers & sisters,

​We welcome you to the great and the only accepted religion of Almighty Allah, that is Islam. Since, it is the duty of every Muslim to learn about Islam and to follow it accordingly; we hope this section will be useful to our new Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah Almighty bless you and guide you in the right path.

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